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Baby Room

Our Baby Room has space for up to six babies under two years of age.  Staff within the room create a safe, caring, calm and homely atmosphere that complements home routines as much as possible.  Each baby and child has their own key worker who carefully plans appropriate activities for their individual interests and age and stage of development.

Early years foundation stage profile – 2021 handbook

Daily activities consist of lots of sensory play both in and outdoors.  Examples of some of our activities to encourage imagination, communication and creativity are: singing; sharing books and listening to stories; cornflour; playdough; sand; water; cereals; treasure baskets containing natural objects such as feathers, pots, pans and vegetables.

All babies access our purpose built baby garden on a daily basis and, with written parental consent, enjoy local walks around the village and trips to the park.

There is a daily exchange of information between parents and key workers, verbally, in daily dairies and in their online learning journal, Tapestry. This includes information about your baby’s day: sleep times; snacks and meals; nappy changes and their activities throughout the day at The Ark.

The gate leading to the Toddler Room means that both babies and toddlers can see each other throughout the day, sometimes playing together if appropriate. Transition to the Toddler Room at the age of two years, therefore, takes place seamlessly and naturally.

Toddler Room

Our Toddler Room has space for up to eight children per session. The Toddler Room is designed to create a calm and engaging atmosphere where children develop their own individuality and opinions, and learn how to build relationships with their peers and familiar adults.

We provide many opportunities and activities for your child to develop their independence and confidence; for example, helping to prepare their own snack, manage their own clothing, and wash and dry their hands. We offer the children a range of activities; sensory, creative, as well as singing, listening to stories, music and movement, gardening, imaginative play and going on walks around the village or trips to the park.

There is a daily exchange of information between parents and key workers, verbally, and in your child’s online learning journal, Tapestry.

The toddlers and pre-school children share the garden space, providing plenty of opportunity for the children to interact with each other as well as the adults in the Pre-school Room. Close to the time your child turns three years old they will begin to start their transition into Pre-school. Their key person will provide you with information about the routine in Pre-school, the staff members who work in the room and your child’s settling sessions. The settling sessions will provide further opportunity for your child to become more familiar with the routine and resources available to them as well as getting to know their new key person.